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Buffy Episode Poll -- the just plain awesome "The Wish"

We have another in our series of BTVS episode polls right over yonder at My Buffyholism is Showing, which is a very good thing, since otherwise I would have nothing to post... like, really, the last week or whatever. Because, again, I'm lazy... I've mentioned that before, right?

So I have utterly failed in my reviewing reviews of reviewage. This may be related to my recent, all-encompassing Supernatural fetish I've developed. Seriously, I cannot get this series out of my head and I don't know why. A recent dream suggests it's because Jensen has taken over my mind... and not just my mind, if you hear what I'm un-cleverly, half-suggesting.

But, this is supposed to be about Buffy and the awesome The Wish poll:

Anya is introduced in this episode. Her earlier characterization is often thought to be at odds with her later characterization. What say you?
I think there is, generally, a gradual characterization... but like every single character in every single show, the very beginnings of a character can look awkward, or just plain different, than what we know of the character in later episodes when they've had time for the actor/actress to find their character's voice. In Anya's case, I find it far less distracting than in other cases (Angel).

When Willow tries to talk to Oz at school, he cuts her off: "Look... I'm sorry this is hard for you. But I told you what I need. So I can't help feeling like the reason you want to talk is so you can feel better about yourself. That's not my problem." Reasonable or unreasonable?

Not only reasonable, but also awesome. Willow had spent a lot of energy trying to make Xander feel bad over his involvement with Cordelia (with her constant sad puppy eyes), so it was nice to see her on the receiving end. Especially, since she wanted to force Oz to talk about his feelings, after he made it clear he needed time to think. Go Oz!

(Yeah, yeah, I'm hard on Willow - I think it's because I'm so tired of her Power-Girl-ness of S8... I'm kinda turned off to her character now. As I said of her somewhere else, she's become TOO too to be a favorite, anymore.)

We can guess from Welcome to the Hellmouth that Willow would have been vamped by the Master's minion that picked her up at the Bronze. Who vamped Xander?

I'd really like to think it was vampWillow, but I just don't think so. I don't see Willow being taken, without Xander being by her side - probably coming out of or headed toward the Bronze. What I really want to know, is what happened to Jesse? It was such a missed opportunity not to have Eric Balfour guest-star in the episode.

I don't remember, but weren't they going to have him, but there was a scheduling conflict? Anyway, it was a bummer... which, actually has nothing to do with this question. I think The Master done got 'em both as part of his Darla and Thomas tribute.

Is Oz still a werewolf in the Wishverse?

There is no definitive way to say, of course, but I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be. Nothing happening in the Wishverse would seem to impact whether he was bitten by little cousin Geordie or not.... I'm gonna go with a 'yes'.

Nancy mentions that vampires are attracted to bright colors. Indeed, people in the Wishverse typically wear dark, drab clothing. Is the bright colors thing true or just a folk tale that the Sunnydale folks buy into?

Folktale. A desperate measure to find some reason (other than the fact that they haven't left town) to believe that somebody else will be picked, instead of themselves. What I really want to know is, if everyone is aware of the vampire problem (and they're not going to leave town or form heavily fortified castles to congregate in) and they know they need to be in after dark, then how exactly did The Bronze get so full of victims-in-waiting?

Is vampire-cultism just that big? Is the Sunnydale effect still impacting people's choices (Oh, Jenny! *sob*)? Do IQs just generally drop sharply near a Hellmouth?

So...what happened to Buffy's mom in the Wishverse?

Well, now, that is the question isn't it? Buffy is obviously battle hardened. One could wonder if part of that is that Joyce didn't survive. It could also be though that her Cleveland Watcher was far less tolerant of her 'personal life' nonsense than Rupert Giles turned out to be. Perhaps even, when Buffy wasn't immediately more compliant, the Council itself took Joyce out as a way to isolate their stubborn Slayer! We know that they have Black Ops teams who are free with the gun use.

Yeah, I'll say Buffy was brought to heel by the Council killing Joyce and making it appear to have been monsters. Her Cleveland Watcher did the rest with her devastation and rage at the inhuman creatures who took her only real support from her. Presumably, she also never had a Xander and Willow to keep her grounded.

This episode emphasizes the importance of Buffy's friends. Let's get scaley. Overall, how helpful do you think her friends are in her life? 1 = They're a complete hindrance; 10 = She needs them like whoa.

I'm gonna say 10, definitely. Not really for the battle-help, as much as for the grounding they give her to keep her human and to give her a reason to not give into the 'Slayer death wish' that Spike believes all Slayers have. I've never liked the way Spike words that impulse, by the way. I think it is more a matter of Slayers just getting downright exhausted by the constant pressure, more than a conscious 'death wish', but anyway..., her friends help her to stay balanced and connected and mentally and emotionally strong.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

Over 4 stars, less than five. I'm choosing 4. Oh, and by the way, I'm with Joss about this episode: I love that our characters don't learn a damned thing from the episode, because no one remembers that it happened!

(It's possible that Anya does remember this, but she never knows any of the details since she's in Giles' apartment getting her necklace smashed and talks like she doesn't realize Cordy didn't make it through the halfway mark.)

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