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I'd like to post a meme -- but it's fine if you don't want to participate.

You know, surfing the internet is a wonderful thing... and YouTube is so much fun, I can barely stand it. There are a LOT of creative artisans out there who work through videos. While just goofing around the 'Tube (yeah, I'll admit, it takes an indecent amount of my time) I thought about my childhood... about how Television and Movies affected the way I see the world.

There are certain things that remain "just" a movie... for me it's Friday the 13th for instance. I like it... I enjoy Mrs. Vorhees and all that, but it's a movie and I'm swell with that. On the TV Front, I'd say Wonder Woman... Linda Carter has my everlasting affection. I can't tell you what it meant to me as a male to see a woman who wasn't a victim.

I think, maybe, because when I watched her it reminded me of my mom. Not that my mother was a superhero or ran around in a bustier, of course. But, because she had (and has) that strength. The "I'm a woman... and happy for it. But, woman does NOT equal weak." vibe about her.

It has informed everything that I am, I think. For instance, I love Buffy because of her strength... her gender isn't the point, though growing up with 80's macho, it definitely had an impact greater than a male figure in the same position, I'm pretty sure. I also love Wonder Woman, and Storm (Marvel Comics) and any woman who says "I was born without a dick, but I can still KICK. YOUR. ASS. And, fuck androgynous, I don't need to lose touch with femininity to be powerful. That is a male idea and I FUCKING REJECT IT." That is why I love Ripley in the Alien(s) series. But still... Wonder Woman is just a TV Show from the past.

Then, there are others who I know are just TV Shows, and yet they had such an impact on me that their importance or quality tends to be inflated in my head.

So, my meme, if anyone chooses to accept it (and a comment/link would be welcomed) is this: What childhood Television Show and/or Movie had a character that so impacted you, that you still LOVE them..., completely divorced from the quality of the show/movie?

For me on the TV front, there are two that I had deep crushes on, which makes me think of them in a positive light, no matter what they've done/not done since or has no relation to the quality of the shows. First, let me say I was born in 1967. So, my choices are fully informed by childhood in the 70's and burgeoning adulthood in the 80's.

My male figure that most impacted me was: Parker Stevenson as one of the Hardy Boys. Yeah, it was Shaun Cassidy with nearly every girl born in that decade... I care not, I'm a rebel in my own mind (I think I've mentioned that before). Parker was my first "adult dream" before I even understood what that meant, or that not every guy was dreaming of kissing another guy.

My female figure, which made things a bit more confusing because I think I might have had a deep adolescent-love for her, even though I was clearly gay was Jaime Summers. I would have given nearly anything for Lindsay Wagner to be my girl who took my male-to-female virginity (and, yeah, this is personal business... but I still have my male-to-female cherry intact). She was strong, but not afraid to show her emotions. She could kick ass, and wasn't the remote slut that Steve Austin was. And when she died (before everyone loved her and convinced the producers there was a spin off for her) I died a little along with Steve. Plus, it was one of the few times when Lee Majors got to act like an actual person, rather than an action star.

On the movie front, Ellen Ripley was definitely the movie female who I first think of whenever I think of "strength", "courage", "kick assitude". I love Sigourney nearly only because of this role (1987), despite the fact that she is a wonderful actress divorced from Ripley (see also Galaxy Quest, in which she makes me laugh so hard and Gorillas in the Mist that makes me love
Dian Fossey). I think Ellen Ripley may be my nearly perfect woman (she's a little free with the 'F-word' in the latter sequels for me).

For movie males... I don't think I have a specific that stands out when I'm not watching the movie. Certainly "The Bandit" via Burt Reynolds is up there. As is 'Hicks' in Aliens... but there isn't a specific image I hold in my head when I think, "This character/actor really stayed with me" the way that the strong women did.

So, if you choose to open up and share (hey, we're mostly anonymous... don't fear) I'd love to know who got to you way more than a fictional character should?

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