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Buffyholism poll for "Revelations"

You should totally take the poll right over HERE. It's what all the cool kids are doing!

Gwendolyn Post calls Faith "an idiot" for falling for her act. True?

No way, Faith wasn't an idiot, and neither was anyone else for falling for Gwen's act. The Council sends out "memos"... irrrgghg. Plus she had the whole she-Travers act down to a science by keeping everyone off their guard. Notice how she keeps interrupting people (especially Giles) with a withering 'observation' to keep them off-kilter? Faith shouldn't feel badly for being snowed... I just feel badly for her because she was really respecting the fact that Gwendolyn appeared to respect her (plus it didn't hurt that she gave off the impression that she disapproved of Buffy).

Let's scale this: How reprehensible was it for Buffy to not tell anyone of Angel's return? 1 = Not at all; 10 = Uber-amounts.

I really had to go with a big, whopping 10 on this. It was just utterly unfathomable to me that Buffy would not tell Giles, at least, even if she made him swear not to tell anyone else right then. Angel wasn't going to stay cooped up in that mansion forever, and my God, what if he was out on the street fetching blood, or following her or whatever Angel does when he isn't moosing his hair and Rupert saw him?! Can you imagine the shock? The trauma of that?

I'm sorry, Buffy - I get that you're confused and shaken, but I just can't support your decisions here.

What about Xander's response? Was it in proportion to the situation?

I know I'm in the minority on this one, because everyone likes to slam on Xander for being mean to Buffy, but screw that. I say he was mainly in the right, even if he went overboard a bit in his anger and sense of betrayal. Buffy was right that the jealousy over Angel was definitely there - but her accusation that he was "spying" on her a) wasn't true and b) she obviously needed spying on since she was sneaking around behind their back with her ex-boyfriend who goes psycho when he gets a happy.

I would have tamped way down on my anger, at least until I could bitch to Buffy in private, where I'd let her have it, but Xan was mostly in the right and I don't think Buffy was considering what impact Angel's sudden appearance would have on everyone else who were traumatized by Angelus, too.

Upon discovering that Buffy has been hiding Angel's return from everybody (and smooching him), the Scoobies stage an intervention. Good idea?

I think this was a good idea, gone bad. Everyone needed to have their say on this because Jenny's death affected everyone and they were all put in danger by Angelus. They needed to vent, which I like to think Buffy realized later after the fact. Yes, were things a little harsh from Xander and Cordelia's corner... I'd agree with that, but so what? People are hurt that she'd hide something this big from them and they lashed out... it's forgivable.

I feel sorry for Willow's desperate, "Giles, no one is using the 'I' statements!". And how devastating is Giles' quiet, "Sadly, I must remind you that Angel tortured me... for hours... for pleasure." and "You have no respect for me, or for the job that I perform."

That kills me.

This is the first fight between Faith and Buffy. There will be more. Which is your favorite?

The fight in Graduation Day between Buffy's stunt double and Faith's stunt double (okay, that was snotty). Still, it's an awesome fight... especially "Buffy" being thrown into the fireplace glass and then "Buffy" doing the leap from Faith's bed in front of the window and kicking Faith right in the face! Love it.

Faith seems hurt when she hears the Scoobies are having a meeting without her. Should she have been included in the intervention?

I'm not really sure about this... I can understand Faith being hurt by being excluded, especially since she doesn't know what the meeting is about at that time. But on the other hand, Angel/Angelus happened before she arrived, and it is such a deeply personal thing that the Scoobies and Buffy went through. I can also see why she wasn't invited to sit in on it. I just wish that someone had had the foresight to tell Faith that they needed to meet about something personal that happened the year before and is coming up again. Maybe Xander, maybe Willow, maybe Giles. They could have assured her that they'd fill her in on the whole thing later, after they had talked to Buffy about it - and reassured her that they weren't excluding her just because she was the "replacement Slayer". Maybe that small gesture would have changed the entire course of her development... of course, psycho-Faith and her relationship with the Mayor was so awesome, that maybe I should just shut up and be grateful that our Gang weren't thinking about Faith's feelings.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

As per usual, my ratings here should be taken with a grain of salt until I actually review the episode fully - but I'm pretty sure we're looking at a 4 here.

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