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How'd I miss this Cross-Question Question?

Despite friending them, I somehow missed this one and am wondering how... which actually, if I stop to think about it for 20 seconds instead of rushing to type all this out so that you all have to read it, just so you can now figure out that it was all pointless because I figured out ... probably... why I missed it, which is that I have friended too many because I'm a giver and I love you all just too much for my own good, so then they posted this teeny, tiny three word post and I missed it in the sea of everyone else's posting. So, there.

Uh, what's the question, again?

Are You Free?

God, no. No, no, no... not even close - a thousand times no. You know which people are truly free - those who don't worry about consequences. Those folks that want to do a thing and they just do and figure that in the end everything works out the way it is supposed to. For the record, I hate you.

Alright, that was slightly over the top.

Which is to say, that what I mean is that I am envious and jealous of anyone that can do that, because I simply cannot. For instance, what I need to do right now is put in my notice, walk away from my mortgage and join the significant other in Tennessee and just trust that there will be a job there, that we'll find a place we can afford, that my car won't die on the freeway there and leave me in some god-forsaken corner of darkness... but I simply won't. I cannot make that leap. I have responsibility - which guess what? That turns out to not be a good thing. Well, it is for everyone else, of course... especially my mortgage company and my boss right now.

But for any of you young'uns... be irresponsible. Look after #1. Don't be afraid to just grab life by the horns and do what you want when you want and damned be to the results. Sure, you don't have to be a little shit about it - I mean, I'm not saying be a sociopath or anything, I'm just saying, once you learn yourself to be responsible, it is a hideous habit that you cannot break (at least until you suffer a crack-up, which I have yet to reach).

So - be irresponsible... just don't go out of your way to hurt people with it. My lesson and gift to you... 'cause I'm responsible for your future happiness, as well as the fate of the world.

Oh, and also - this is rambling a bit because I've had a whole 45 minutes of sleep. I'm special that way.
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