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Happy Thanksgiving LJ Friends

I wish all my American Thanksgiving friends on LJ a Happy and Food Filled Thanksgiving -- to those not of the American persuasion, I simply wish you a happy Thursday ... or uh, just fill in the blank.

On the plans front - I'm working on the next movie review which will be for the 1941 movie, "City of Missing Girls". I also want to get the next issue of BTVS, S8 reviewed (Harmony!) and the next issue of Angel: Aftermath done up this weekend (more wereanimals and the mystery of the Angels!).

And, on a completely random tangent - I've added another Favorite to my youtube list. This is actually one that I had thought I already had favorited, but somehow it disappeared at some point.

Anyway, it's Johnny Cash's Hurt for the Cold Case episode, Forever Blue.

Finally, considering the long weekend, it's possible I'll also be able to get the review for Some Assembly Required done. Like with, "I Robot, You Jane" though, I find myself bored at just the thought of watching that episode scene by scene, so we'll see.

And - I guess that's it for now: Onto Civ IV.
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