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The BTVS: Band Candy Poll

It's been awhile since I actually had anything to say re: Buffy episode polls, but this one is currently posted at the My Buffyholism page, so why not... gotta take a break from my new obsession with the Winchesters sometime I always say... **

** I've never actually said that.

Which adult did you most enjoy seeing as a teen?

I went with Ms. Barton on this one... not only does she riff on Snyder, but I always crack up during her "Willow is a tree...." bit. While Ripper is all bad-ass cooool, and Joyce is all Juice Newtony - it's Ms. Barton that makes me laugh. Snyder is just irritating (big surprise, there).

Obviously, Joyce and Giles got it on during the spell. Did the spell pick up on some already-existing attraction between the two of them?

I've never seen Joyce and Rupert as having a sexual attraction to one another. I think they can both recognize that they are each (1) moderately attractive, (2) a woman and a man, (3) both single and (4) not gay (though I have suspicions about Giles/Rayne), but I don't think it would ever get beyond that... eh, 'intellectual exercise', if you will... if it wasn't for the spellworks.

A bespelled Snyder expresses an interest in Joyce. Is this also something that exists outside the spell?

Well, one - Ick. But more to the point, I think this interest only exists as far as he's a horny teenage, straight boy and she's somebody with boobs. I'm sure he's been lamely hitting on women at The Bronze all night before running into and tagging along with Buffy and Willow.

There's a tense moment where teen!Giles comes close to shooting Ethan in the head. If Buffy hadn't been there to make him stop, would he have killed Ethan?

Yes, I think he would have. Despite the regression spell, Giles' and the rest seem to have their full memories and Ripper has a lot to make Ethan pay for, including for the general 'seduced me into dark magicks and ended up getting my friends killed by a possessing demon' thing. I think he would have decided that Ethan was evil and enough was enough and done him in.

Go back to that Giles/Joyce sex. Was their abililty to consent compromised by the spell?

No, I don't think so... any more than any teen has a consent problem because they're raging with hormones and hornyness and a body that is hopped up for sex, anyway. Also, the fact that Joyce was able to roll her eyes at Snyder shows that she isn't stripped of her ability to choose, just that she's irresponsible because of the spell. I'd say that everyone has lost their inhibitions and ability to restrain themselves, but they still have the ability to consent/not consent to any particular action.

We get to see some of Snyder's leet Tae Kwon Do skills. Who would win in a fight: Snyder or Ethan?

Wow, that's a tough one isn't it. I see it as more of a draw between Snyder faux-Tae Kwon Do skills and Ethan's girl-slapping... think of it as another Harmony/Xander epic fight... in slow mo....

In the end, they both say 'ow' a lot and they both end up surrendering without anyone winning.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I think it is between 3 and 4 stars... so I'll go with 4, because it's Buffy-humor done right.

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