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SPN/Buffy Crossovers -- here's a rec

I am making my way through the Twisting the Hellmouth site and I have a story I love. Alas, it does not have slashtastic happenings between our Buffycast/Winchesters, which is a shame, but I loves it anyway. So, I do hereby recommend it because a) my recommendation is of importance to everyone (don't argue, I refuse to believe otherwise) and b) because I, uh, don't have much to post.

Please show the author some clicky-action:  Lady Yashka's Seasons of Wither, in which Buffy had a relationship with an angel, but he was wearing Dean's body at the time. Now, the angel is gone, Dean is back and Buffy is left heartbroken and resentful, even though she knows it isn't fair.

I love how Buffy is treated in this. Although she is struggling with resentment toward Dean, she's not treated like the villain. Her feelings are entirely human, and the author treats her that way. I also love the story sharing moments between Dean/Sam/Buffy, the Dean/Buffy conversation about Michael, and this example from a conversation between Buffy and Cas.

“I hate him {Dean} sometimes,” Buffy whispered, looking appropriately horrified at the words that had escaped her lips. Her eyes drifted towards the window in the door. Dean and Sam were now sitting on one of the workout benches, drinking water and laughing.

“I understand,” Castiel murmured. Buffy brought wide eyes up. “Amelia is not very fond of me either.”

“Who’s Amelia?”

“Jimmy’s wife.”

Buffy gave a hollow laugh. “We’re a pair, aren’t we, Cas?”

“What do you mean by this?”

Buffy’s smile was bitter. “You’re stuck with the body of her dead husband, and Dean owns the body of the angel I love.”

My Score: 4.50 out of 5

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