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Thanksgiving doth approach... but so does X-Mas

Surfing through the 'Friends of Friends', which I never do over the weekend, so always am hideously behind, I came across this Holiday Wish List Meme and I thought, "Hey self," I thought, "Why don't we play?"

So, like my Wish List is under the cut:

1. Like $20,000 dollars that just falls from the sky, or from Publishers Clearing House, who has been teasing me for decades, so that I can fix up the house before I can't stand it anymore and run away from home.

2. For Buffy S9 to have no mention of Bangel or Spuffy... at all. Sure she can have some throwaways about "I heard from Spike and he's blah, blah, blah", but no pining, no re-visiting the past, no fantasies, no arguments, no confrontations, no sexcapades... I've moved on Buffy - for sanity's sake, why don't you?

3. For Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke to go out to lunch and come back with an Angel/Supernatural Graphic Novel. Jo Chen will do the covers. I don't know who will do the artwork, but I have no doubt that somebody awesome will.

4. Fanfic involving the Supernatural Boys and Bobby joining Buffy's crew in S7 to fight the First, with maybe a guest appearance (unseen by anyone, to not violate Supernatural canon) by Castiel. Get to writing, I have spoken!

5. For Israel to stop sabotaging peace by building settlements in the Palestinian Territories. And, for Hamas to stop sabotaging peace by launching rockets or sending suicide bombers into Israel.

6. For the career GOP politicians to get hung on their own petards next year.

7. A raise... just a few thousand a year would do.

8. I want to see my long-time partner... preferably by his moving back home from Tennessee, since we're just wishing here.

9. For me to have one solid year of divine, Muse-Inspiration for spanderverse.

10. For everyone who reads anything on my LJ page to find it so utterly riveting that they immediately need to post linkages and recommend me for reading and leave complimentary comments and LOVE ME, DAMN YOU, LOVE ME!!!


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