harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

I didn't notice this, and you probably didn't either.

Oh, thank you-cakes with extra frosting to eleusis_walks for posting an interesting detail that completely changes everything regarding that hinted William/Cecily to Spike/Halfrek interaction in S6's "Older and Far Away".

Since I'm not a history buff, I didn't realize the implications of Halfrek's throwaway line in S7's "Lessons" about her differences between herself and Anya over the years....

Well, just go and read her entry for the 30 Days of Buffy and see how this turns William and Cecily's interaction that we saw in "Fool for Love" in S5.

God, I love the Buffyverse - even after so many years, we can still discover new things via other fans!

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