harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

I may have a new fictional boyfriend.

Now, Lord knows I love S5 Spike unto undeath, and I'd follow S8 Xander anywhere and find time for some serious macking, even if the world was ending around us, but I may have a new fake boyfriend.

Thanks to TNT re-runs, I've now discovered Supernatural, which I should have already done, but didn't. I kind of lost my passion for TV - right about the time that Angel got axed so callously by the networks, and me and them have never really recovered.

Anyway - I think I might now be in faux-love with Dean Winchester. I think I may have to have a Dean/Spike or Dean/Xander fiction or youtube vid or something. Can anyone rec anything along these lines? I've seen a Dean/Xan and Dean/Angel and they were cool and all, but they didn't knock my socks off. And, I can see the big Dean/Cas lovefest on the youtube and they're a good time and all...

... But, there has to be a Buffy/Supernatural crossover that I can love....
Tags: open letter

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