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I'm still planning on doing my whole "Favorite Buffy Moment in Each Episode" deal and then my "Favorite Angel Moment in Each Episode (AtS)" thing... I'm gonna work on it from home because TWIZTV had that thing where ads/spamware/malware suddenly tried to take over my browser and I had to frantically kill windows that were opening while avoiding downloading crap.

I don't have much problem with that at home - I guess my home computer is better protected than my work one. Fortunately, to pass the time we have new poll at My Buffyholism is Showing instead. *Whew* I thought for a second there I'd have nothing to post (except I really am way overdue for a WATCHERS review - and there is that spanderverse fic that I've had one and a half chapters written on since about forever... but never mind all that).


We're introduced to a few new characters in this episode, as indicated in the title. Let's get scaly and assess their likeitude. Start with Faith. Like her? 1 = Ew. Hate her; 10 = Best character ever.

I love Faith - she might be the only character I give a 10, too (which makes sense I guess since 10 = 'best character ever').

And now, Scott Hope.

Oh, poor Scott Hope - can the stamp on your head reading 'Rebound Guy' be any plainer?

You're nice and sweet and attentive and in the real world, it would make me think you could be a great guy for Buffy to date. But in Buffyverse terms, you're boring and you've got to go. I give you a 4.


I like Mr. Trick, but I never loved him as a bad guy. I think a lot of his appeal dissipated rapidly when he fell in as subordinate to the Mayor. After all, the Mayor-arc was starting to heat up, so Trick was sort of left in his shadow. I'll give him a 7.

Faith regales the Scoobies with stories of naked slaying and alligator wrastling. True, exaggerations, or completely false?

I don't know... I think Faith might just have been telling it like it happened. I'm gonna go with True on this one, though I don't think I'd object to anyone saying that perhaps she's exaggerating a bit, too.

Does Buffy know about Giles' part in getting her back into school?

I've never thought about this point. I don't think so... I think she probably believes that Joyce's threat to go to the Mayor and the City Council is what did the trick. And, does anyone else feel a little sorry for Snyder in Becoming when he is so pleased at kicking Buffy out of school for the Mayor. He doesn't even know what the hell is going on, and yet it seems like he believes that kicking Buffy out of high school is somehow the whole linchpin to the Mayor's smooth running of the whole town. He's just so beyond the pathetic when he picks up the phone after Buffy leaves.

We see Faith arguing with the hotel manager about money. Throughout most of the season, she lives on her own in the hotel. Where's the money coming from? Select all you think apply:

Day Labor on the sly?  Severely doubt it.
An actual job?  Definitely not.
Gambling?  This has possibilities. I could see her hustling in dice or pool.
The Council?  Also has some possibility. I could see her getting a small check from the Council to tie her over until her new Watcher arrived in Boston (by which point, Faith was already gone) but it wouldn't have been much and it wouldn't be an ongoing stipend.
Giles and/or Joyce gave her some money?  Much as I'd like to think they would have given her some (especially Giles) if she had asked for some help with her motel rent, I don't see her as asking them. And, with everything going on - I'm not sure Giles would think of it without some sort of hint being dropped on him. I don't see Joyce giving it any thought, either, and no reason that Faith's financial situation should have crossed her mind.
Loans from a loan shark?  I don't think so. We should have heard about it over the course of the show, if she had outstanding debts out there before she joined up with the Mayor. Even after the Mayor job, I don't see her worrying over rushing that money back to the sharks, so we still should have heard about it.
Loans from people she meets?  I doubt this, too. I don't think she'd ask for loans from 'people she meets'. Gifts for saving their lives? Yeah, I could see that - but not loans.
Sugar Daddies?  Mmmm... not in the way that I'd think of 'Sugar Daddies', as in exchanging attention for dollars.
She Steals Money?  Yep. This one I do see... not that she's out there hitting people over the head for their wallets or anything. But I do see her 'riding a biker' and cleaning out his wallet before she slips out in the middle of the night.
She Cons People?  Con jobs takes thought and effort, which I don't think she'd put the time into. I'll say no.
Money Tucked Away?  Considering her implied blue collar upbringing, I'll say no on this one, too. Kennedy? Definitely. Faith? Nah.
Prostitution? Definitely not.
Internet Business?  Hah.
Other Business? I tic this one, but only because I think she might take on side jobs before the Mayor where a little muscle might be needed. Maybe hanging out in bars and hearing people talk, she might offer to help them out for a few bucks to get so-and-so off his/her case... that sort of shady catch-as-catch-can side work.

I think the most likely answer is a combination of helping herself to her "date's" wallet and pool-sharking.

Scoring: I think this is an episode between 3 and 4 stars... I'm gonna poll 3.
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