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Buffy Sunday Question

This week's Sunday Question at The Slayerettes, is about our Favorite Buffy Moment(s). Since I have too much time on my hands, and am not in the mood at the particular moment to tackle a review (life has taken another difficult turn, that I won't bore you with - but it's making it hard to concentrate on analysis), I've decided to expand on this question quite a bit.

I'm going to do the Favorite Buffy Moment in Each Episode! To be followed closely by the Least Favorite Buffy Moment in Each Episode!

That should keep me busy for a while... keep an eye out for two more posts sometime today. Should we make this a meme? Well, I'm gonna call it one, feel free to not participate. I'm thinking I'm going to have to do the same for Angel as well - just to be fair. I think I'll include Buffy S8, by story arc (rather than issue), but not Angel: After the Fall/Aftermath. Now, whether I'll have enough time to get to four posts today - to include Angel - is another matter. I am working a 12-hr shift, so maybe.

Edit: Oh, one caveat for BTVS: S8 - I'll only be covering up to the latest reviewed issue since I don't have the comics handy to skim through and will be going off of my commentary and Swiss-cheese like memory.

Edit 2: Uh, stating that I'd be posting today may have been a bit overstated. I'll TRY to post today - but this is taking longer than I thought, despite my very short blurbage per episode. I didn't realize how many episodes there would be where I didn't have a Buffy scene just pop into my brain. Thankfully, we have TWIZTV, so I can review the scripts.

Edit 3: Okay, I completely lied. I'm only into Season 4! ARRGGGHHH. This was a really dumb idea. I've saved what I've done and will work on it more tomorrow.

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