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Here's a Little Fun Poll

We have a new poll out by the Slayerette's team and it's about whether Angelus is a hottie or a nottie....

What did you think of Angelus? Our choices are: A) Great Villain. B) Very hooot and totally sexy. C) Interesting villain. D) Bad villain. E) Stinks! Moron F) Lame villain. G) Don't Care about him....

Do I find Angelus to be sexy... no. But, I do find some of his actions sexy: for instance, the biting the girl in the doorway while Buffy and gang walk right by him as if he's just part of a couple making out... that was sexy in a totally evil, must be stopped, way.

Mostly, I'd guess I'd say that I find Angelus to be an interesting villain because of his impact on Angel, Giles and 'natch, Buffy. I had thought of him as a bastardly hoot, up until Passion which I remain traumatized by. Then, he was suddenly not so much a hoot as a flippity-flipping bastard.

So, I think I'm going to go with C on the poll.

Did you start hating him in the moment he killed Jenny or earlier?

I had to go with 'Other', because one of the answers is "Hated him then, but not now"... well, I hated him then and still do. I just hurt so much for Giles that I can't forgive Angelus and enjoy him as the bad guy. I also hated him in AtS, when he came back - not that he doesn't come up with some good snarkage, but ever since Jenny's fate, I just can't enjoy him in his villainous role anymore.

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