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Political Ad season... oh what fun. (1)

(1) Not Actually Fun.

So, Ducks, aka theantijoss, makes an observation about the political ad season regarding how it seems to be the same voice actors on every ad. That caused me to voice my own observation in a response, but I decided to turn it into a mini-post here:

Did you ever notice....

I've noticed this woman's voice for the Republican ads on the radio - since it doesn't come with a mute button, unlike the TV.

Her tone of voice is always the same... "concerned and doomsday-ee" tone about how the planet will spin out of orbit and your family will be destroyed if the Demo-candidate wins. Then, "bright and hopeful" voice if you vote for the Repub-candidate who will single-handedly fight the entire Washington establishment to make sure that your family is made rich and will never have another single problem in their entire existence.

Finally insert "Optimistic Caution" voice - Which will you choose this election day? Doomsday or a Life of Plenty for your kids and your family (because apparently kids aren't family).

I mean, it is absolutely uncanny the way every single ad she reads is the exact same pattern, exact same cadence, exact same messaging. I'd almost be impressed with the consistency, if I didn't feel like she's spinning me so much bullshit, I'm gagging.


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