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Buffy Poll answers for Anne

Our poll that I'll answer is located HERE from 'Buffyholism is Showing' and concerns S3's "Anne"....

The Scoobies take over the slaying in Buffy's absence over the summer. They do the same again after Buffy's death in S5. What if Buffy hadn't returned? Would they have continued doing this in the long-term?

Yes, I believe they would have. I think Giles was already committed to staying over the Hellmouth at that time. Xander and Willow wouldn't just leave it to Giles to protect Sunnydale all by himself. What is interesting is how would it have affected Angel? Presumably, he wasn't brought back just because Buffy was there, so what would have happened to him when he was returned? I also think Faith's case would have been very interesting. I bet she would have settled down into the roll of non-psycho Slayer, if a bit more high strung than Buffy ever was, without the rage and jealousy. Would she still have spun so far out of control? Would Alan still have ended up staked? Would she have been able to stop the Mayor - she certainly wouldn't have been in the position to want to join him right?

Someone should be working on some fanfic right now.

Oz having to repeat a grade because he didn't go to summer school. Cute, strange, eccentric, or cool? Select all that apply:

Not cool, Oz, not cool. Not very cute either... strange and eccentric, maybe. But my money is more on 'none of the above'. Repeating grades just because you don't feel like doing the work isn't something we should be encouraging, especially in the non-Buffy world. I had to tic none of the choices.

Chantarelle/Lily/Anne. What are your feelings on her?

Our choices: Best Character Ever! (uh, no) She's cool. (uh, no) Eh... (ding-ding-ding) I hate her. (no)

I would also add annoying and weak, but for the poll question, I took 'Eh'.

Joyce blames Giles for Buffy running away rather than herself. "You've been this huge influence on her, guiding her. You had this whole relationship with her behind my back. I feel like you've taken her away from me." Sense-making?

I love Giles, but yes, Joyce is justified in being angry and blame-y at him for having such a huge influence on her daughter behind her back. Buffy certainly isn't blameless in this - she could have ignored Giles, just as she has repeatedly, and told her mother everything much sooner and didn't. But, Joyce has a small part of the blame, too, by giving into the 'Sunnydale Shield of Ignorance' on far too many occassions when Buffy's explanations weren't even close to credible. But, still I think Giles takes the most blame for choosing to and instructing Buffy to keep Joyce in the dark far past the point when it made sense (as soon as Angelus turned mean).

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I always think of this episode as solidly middling - so 3 stars.


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