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Just a Quick Post - I'm still here....

Yeah, yeah, yeah... no posting in few days, where is next review, wasn't I working on a BTVS: When She Was Bad review, why don't I leap out to WATCHERS right now and do that review while I'm sitting here... blah, blah, blah.

I do intend to do at least something this weekend reviewy in nature. It's been a tough week. Not so much tough as in RL like last week, but more as in "I just don't wanna do nothin' no how" sort of tough. I'm not sure if it is the weather or the fall approaching (likely, but I usually don't suffer the Fall Blahs this soon) or if I'm just gettin' old and ornery and grouchy (just as likely). I just haven't been able to concentrate on writing anything this week.


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