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Whoop-Whoop - We Have Buffy Poll!

But, first, I feel slightly better than I did about life in general - though the sinuses are still making me want to take a melon-baller to my own face and dig them out, because, really - do I actually need sinus cavities?

Our poll comes from the wonderful Slayerettes, and concerns the Buffy/Angel romance after all these years....

So - Buffy and Angel. Well, first let me remind y'all that in my 30-Days of Buffy (which I won't link to a 3rd time, 'cause that's just whoring my linkages to myself a little too much ... I lie! Here's the LINK) I stated that Bangel is still my favorite romance of Buffy's seven years (and I'd say eight, since I haven't found a new favorite romance in the S8 comics, yet).

However, even I have to admit that they're on again/off again, semi-impossible love, semi-universe shattering/reshaping sex antics have gotten a bit... oh... wearying. In the poll - I had to answer that my feeling have changed about Bangel for the worse. This is not because I loathe Buffy/Angel and want to beat them with a stick, or anything, but just because I'm tired of this merry-go-round. Enough is enough - either be together or don't ... though, if you do, it would be nice if you'd do it in the same universe as your friends, rather than a whole new one.

I'd much rather you don't though. As I've explained both HERE and HERE ... oh, I'm shameless!

I was really more than happy with Angel having his unlife and Buffy having her life (even if it included bank robbery and other stupiditry) and both thinking about each other from afar... like really afar (and for the record, I'm feeling the same way about Spuffy, but since I always loathed it anyway, that isn't much of a shock).

So, while I'm answering that my opinion has changed for the worse, I still love both Buffy and Angel and what they had during the angst-fest of S2 (and to a much lesser extent, S3) but you know - time for them to both move into that nostalgia phase. Way past, in fact. Stop trying to recapture this lightning in the bottle - it's time is done (and, yes, I'm really directing this at Joss and the comics writers... let it go, already).

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