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I have a recommendation to make, for those who have been foolish enough not to have friended her already....

I think my love for Prophecy Girl has been made very clear. But what sometimes escapes me are nuances or subtexts that I either hadn't noticed, or did, but just failed at verbalizing things I think I'm seeing under the surface.

2maggie2 has been writing a series of posts on her thoughts and observations when it comes to Buffy's episodes, and she has just reached her 'Prophecy Girl' post. And, I have found it a fascinating read on our main characters.

What I especially found fascinating is the contrast between Xander's 'walking the walk' of being heroic, and Angel's only 'talking the talk'. Maggie had some help with two others and their discussion has opened up entirely new thinky-thoughts about this episode and, really, the entire series.

So - recommend time: Run over there and read the exchanges about this episode - still one of my favorites. I wish I'd had these sorts of friends to watch Buffy and Angel with during the run of the series.

EDITED To Add: This has nothing to do with the above, but I didn't want to create a whole new entry for it -- Nicky's "Very Bad Koala" 1 has been posted here: http://verybadkoalas.com/2010/09/29/episode-1/

I will say that it is quite amusing, if short -- very short. But I love the koalas/cows panel  LOL LOL.

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