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Yes, once again I'm not posting much fan-schtuff this evening. Sorry, 'bout that - there is just a lot of s**t kicking my behind this past week:

Plumbing Problems

Related to financial problems

Related to House falling out from under me problems

Related to Home Maintenance problems

Which leads back to 'Related to financial problems' thing.

*Sigh* This is also about the time that the seasonal blues come along, where the weather starts bouncing back and forth between warm and cold and it gets rainy and dreary. And, I only got 4 hours of sleep today before work.

So - basically I'm just saying things have been of suck-ass for the past 5 days or so, but I'm working through what I can and the rest will pass in its own time. I would like to know just why I am absolutely not allowed to have a savings account, though. I can only think in some past life I was a tight-fisted, miserly bastard and am now being punished... repeatedly.

I have started the Buffy review for When She Was Bad and on Friday night, I really want to do both a Buffy and Angel comic review - but we'll see how depressed I am post-plumber visit tomorrow. I'm also starting to self-study Cisco Networking - or so I am telling myself - the plan is to really delve into the first two chapters this weekend with lots of study notes. It's been so long, I'm not even sure I remember how to go about studying anymore!

I'm gonna sneak a peek at the Friends and their Friends for any Buffy stuff that I just must comment on, but otherwise... *sigh*
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