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Hello, LJ-ers

There is so much I should be doing today: I have an Angel: Aftermath, a Buffy: S8, When She Was Bad Buffy episode, In The Dark Watchers review, a Watchers extended movie to read through (but I have to go back to the end of s5 first to refresh my memory), and finally a review for the next movie: Lifeboat (1944). Oh, and clean the house.

Obviously, I'm not doing any of those things even though I really do want to (well, except the housecleaning thing). I'm just pooped and irritable and blah, blah, whiney-complainy-boring-bitching. So, instead I decided to just post to some past insights for those newbies who have jumped to my blog and thought, "Well this isn't completely incoherent or dull". I've seen the "30 Days of Buffy" meme still making the rounds occasionally, and since I did one for Angel as well, I've decided to go ahead and post a redux link. These are pretty long, and pretty comprehensive and I think it nicely captures my feelings and opinions on the Buffyverse, as a whole --

30 Days of Buffy

30 Days of Angel

Sorry, I don't have something more substantial to post, but it looks like this is going to be a largely wasted, sit-around-and-vegetate type of Sunday. For those Buffyverse fans who haven't already done this meme - How's about it? And how's about commenting with linkage? I'll even turn off the comment screening for you, so you need not friend me if you don't wanna... or wait around on me to approve the comment - at least until or unless I'm flooded with SPAM-crappage from idiots who think anyone would actually click on their BS-links.
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