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And here's the Sunday Question poll...

... courtesy of The Slayerettes:

What do you think of Spike's characterisation in Ats S5?

I don't really think a lot about Spike's characterization at all (I'm an American, we use a 'z' in place of 's'. *shrug*). I do know that I was pretty much ready to say good bye to him in his blaze of glory under Sunnydale and I wasn't happy of being spoiled that he'd be moving to AtS.

And, what I feared took place - Spike nearly swamped Angel on his own show. Anywhere that Spike is (BTVS: S6, especially) he started sucking the air out of the room, making it difficult for the actual starring characters to be front and center. And, that makes me sorry to see him show up (so, now I'm fearing his impact on BTVS: S8, too - I'm an issue behind because of the mailing schedule of TFAW).

It's not that I don't love James and his unlife portrayal. And, I loved Spike - until I started seeing him too much (I have the same problem with Wolverine and Lt. Cmdr. Data - at least they killed off the latter). I mean that in both the character and naked skin sense. The mystique of Spike was that you didn't really even know which Spike you were going to get - would it be snarky, mean Spike or would it be the Spike who comforted Dawn and was afraid to stroke her hair? You didn't know.

Until S6 Spike, when you knew exactly who was going to show up - Naked!Horndog!Spike. Season 7 wasn't great either with Mopey!Spike. I just really would like less Spike for just a little while.

I love you, Spike, but I think we need a break - why don't you look up Dru for a while and I'll stay here with Harmony, okay?

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