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Fanficcy poll....

"My Buffyholism is Showing" poll is regarding POV and writing fanfiction. This is something that I like to pretend I know at least some minimum about. So, since I've dabbled with that whole spanderverse community thing (those poor few lonely souls, waiting and waiting for an update that never seems to arrive) and that one little story I posted just a few days ago here on the journal, I feel like I'm authorized to take the poll...

... plus, I needed an excuse to post an update to let you know that I've started on the The Cat O' Nine Tails reviewing. I'd also make promises about a WATCHER review, Angel: Aftermath review and Buffy: S8 review, but I think we're all used to my being full of BS by now, so I won't.

Oh, and I want to whine: Real life is a sucky torture by a petty god and I want to punch somebody really hard.

Okay - now onto more important things -

Your favorite characters to write for?

Buffy, Xander, Spike, Giles and weirdly, Harmony. Oh, and I had to check mark others, too, for Quentin Travers.

Characters you're best at writing for?

Eeeiiii... hmmm....

I'm not sure I'm the best qualified to answer this: Maybe Spike? Maybe Giles? I'll say those two, but I'm completely open to any suggestions that I suck at any non-OC characters, where I can basically do whatever I want with them.

Characters that you have trouble writing for?

I'm tempted to just check mark everybody, but the ones that I've really found disastrous in trying to capture the voice correctly is: Angel, Cordelia, Drusilla [Who knew that batty was so hard to convincingly write? And, why didn't you share that before I centered a fic around her?!], Dawn and Other for Detective Stein and his wife, Carole - which since the latter is my own creation should not be such a challenge! Oh, and Jonathon is turning out to be a challenge too... no wonder he was a dayplayer for so long.

Nah, I just suck.

Interesting. I'm not the only one who enjoys writing Buffy and Spike (I'll assume that there is a lot of Spuffy fans answering the poll, which may skew it a little). Spike turns out to also be the most favoritist character to write for, unsurprisingly - I mean he snarks at a mile a minute - who doesn't love writing that?

There are a surprisingly large amount of characters that are tripping people up - but so far, Angel/Angelus is the one that most people have a problem with, so I'm not alone there either... 8 others have also agreed with me that Cordelia Chase is a hard one to 'capture' correctly.

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