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Now that I'm done reviewing "Time Of Your Life"....

So, tonight I was going to basically tool around the internetz and see what caught my fancy and absolutely needed my opinion in order to mean anything. But, then, I was going through the 'Friends of Friends' entries here on LJ and realized that every other post was causing me to make really vile comments to myself.

Apparently, I'm in a really pissy mood for no real reason. Who knew? Well, it happens - wrong side of the bed, or the weather, or who knows whatall. Maybe, I'm just turning into a bitter little gay-bitca.

So, rather than get into a bunch of fights all over LJ by posting harsh comments on whatever-whatever posts, I'm going to just turn to the book my boss gave me: The Living Dead - an anthology of short stories.

My apologies for depriving you all of my brilliance. But, what I wanted to put out there as well is my plans for the weekend. As we know from a prior plans post (and these always need to be taken with a large grain of salt) I really, really want to get the Buffy S1 reviews completed. So this weekend, the ambitious plan is to do a review a day and kick out Nightmares, followed by Out of Mind, Out of Sight and the one that I'm excited to review, Prophecy Girl which I think holds up just as well as way back when. It is the episode that hooked me on giving something "stupid" called Buffy the Vampire Slayer a shot (oh, what a fool I was to have ignored Buffy so long).

I also wanted to let you know what the next movie review would be, though I don't see it happening this weekend - it will be for the Italian Giallo, Cat O' Nine Tails with Karl Malden and the handsome James Franciscus.

And, one last thing - this gave me a huge smile, which I truly needed, as an antidote to myself this evening:

Spike Kidnapped!

Thank you for the humor!

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