harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Writer's Block: It was a very good year

Which year would you consider the best of your life so far?

Year 30 ... or possibly when I was 5.

Five because it was pre-going-to-school, when life was just a constant playtime *sigh* no bills, no worries, Saturday morning cartoons that were awesome no matter how badly written and stupid (Hello, Superfriends).

But, at 30 I finally realized that I was an adult (I mean really an adult, not just the 'I can now drink legally!' kind of adult), which meant that I really didn't have to give two sh*ts anymore about what any one else thought about how I lived my own damned life. Wow, but that was a great revelation.

So, best years are either 1997 or 1972.
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