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Buffy Poll (alas - 'Go Fish')

Far be it from me to refuse a Buffy poll... even if the episode is not one that I'm fond of....

Moral of the episode? Select all that apply.

The included choices are:

Gee, I thought the moral was, "No means 'face, meet steering wheel' or possibly 'never use the high school steam room'..." but since those aren't choices, I can agree with Xander/Speedo - so I choose that.

The attempted fish monster gang-rape of Buffy in this episode, complete with a slut joke from Buffy: Acceptable social commentary or crossing a line?

Uhhhh... I don't think either one. I think it was a quip on order with Buffy telling Willow that Xander's idea of woo-ing didn't involve music and wine (in The Pack). I'm afraid I'll need to skip that one completely since I really can't choose either of these.

At the end, the coach is thrown into the hole with the fish monsters that had just attempted to rape Buffy. There are general yelling and screams, and Buffy makes a quip: ""Those boys really love their coach." Did the fish monsters rape him or eat him in this scene?

Oh, he was definitely meant to have been raped by the fish-creatures... the question is how, since fish have no dingers and the costumes of the monsters didn't really look like they were built for such activity, either. Was he eaten afterward? I'm gonna say yes, but I could just as easily believe that they either didn't have time before their escape, or that they don't eat dead things and he was killed (probably drowned) prior to being munched.

In this episode, Angelus bites a swimmer, then goes away. Is Angelus threatening yet?

Weeellll... despite my claims otherwise (re: Angelus is always threatening post Jenny), I do start to find myself getting frustrated with his lack of terrorizing by this episode.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I'm gonna go two for the poll... review wise, I'm guessing this will be about 2.5 or so. The only thing I really remember is Xander in the tiny swimtrunks and, uh, is this the episode where Cordelia suggests we should have a fascist society so that Buffy could have special rules?

Ugh, you know what... let's just move on to the next episode.

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