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Dear Anyone This May Apply To:

There seems to be a thing re: the new ability to cross-post across social networking sites. Everyone seems to be posting on whether they do or absolutely do not want anyone cross-posting their LJ entries elsewhere. So, here are my personal preferences regarding doing so with anything I have posted:

1) I think it is a bit rude to cross-post posts that aren't yours. Note, I'm not including posting your own something and then including linkages.

2) Having said above, I don't care whether I'm referenced, linked to, cross-posted (just, you know, proper credit), cut & pasted (just, you know, proper credit), commented on, disagreed with and insulted, agreed with and loved or utterly ignored. I don't care.

3) I'm not ping-backing because I don't want a bunch of not-discussion comments (and I don't think there is a slew of linking, anyway, I'm just not that popular a read), so if you've done any of the above, I'd always appreciate a comment where in you include linkage address so I can come by and read. Do this retroactively for any of my movie/comic/tv reviews, especially... or don't... whatever.

4) Actually, I lost interest about 30 seconds ago so nevermind.

Robert, a.k.a. harsens-rob, a.k.a. sometimes robgnow, a.k.a. sometimes Rob in Michigan

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