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Polling our way through season 2....

We have new poll: I Only Have Eyes For You!

Coincidentally, I just finished re-watching this one during my Buffy-athon over the weekend, but on to the important stuff, like what I think!

This episode revolves around Buffy's guilt over what happened to Angel. She thinks that she effectively killed Angel by sleeping with him, which released Angelus ("...destroyed the one person he loved the most in a moment of blind passion"). Let's get out the old scale on this one. How guilty do you think Buffy is for Angelus? Not how guilty she feels, but how guilty she objectively is. 1 = Not at all; 10 = Guiltiest guilt that ever guilted.

Well, as much as Buffy wants to make it all about her and her failures as a human being - I'd give her guilty a 1, but only because 0 isn't an option. She had sex. With the man she had loved. That is the extent of her guilt in regards to the Angel to Angelus transformation.

This episode has one of my favorite BtVS quotes from Giles: "To forgive is an act of compassion, Buffy. It's, it's not done because people deserve it. It's done because they need it." By the end of the episode, Buffy doesn't seem to quite grok this. Do you think she manages to do so by the end of the series?

Ayyieee... this is a tough one for me to answer. I know, you'd think I would know everything and I'd like that, too, but here's the sad truth: sometimes I have to just close my eyes and wing it.

Does Buffy grasp the forgiveness as act of compassion, which implies that you do it out of a sense of grace and not as a reward bestowed...? Obviously Spike has to be our touch stone here. She forgave him a lot of crap, but did she do it out of a sense of grace - or for other more selfish reasons? I'd argue the latter.

She certainly didn't seem much in the mood to forgive Anya, but since she was actively granting destructive wishes it really wasn't a question of forgiveness. She didn't seem to hold any grudges though toward Anya, Willow, Andrew, Spike, Faith (well - maybe a little bit of a grudge) or Giles once the issues had been dealt with, but again, was that for selfish reasons, or as a conscious act of grace? Again, I think her forgiveness was very much about other things and not extending compassion for its own sake.

I think I have to say 'no'.

In this episode, Angelus macks on Drusilla in front of Spike, and then attempts a showdown with Buffy at the school. Is Angelus threatening yet?

Since he killed Jenny, he is always threatening. I would say that his threat was a bit more imminent in this episode, but since Jenny's traumatic murder I must always answer this question yes - even when I think he's being relatively lame at any particular point. His sense of whimsy is so disturbing, that even when he's not being overtly threatening, I can never look at Angelus again in the same way after Passion.

*SIGH* Jenny.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

For the story itself, I'd say 4 stars, but then it threw all of that CGI crud at us and the ghost's powers seem to be as strong or as weak as needed in any particular scene, which bugs me. I'm thinking that the reviewed episode will end up about 3.50, so I'll choose 3 stars in the poll.

These should have a few more questions to really dig into the episodes.

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