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The Next Review....

I've decided that my next review is going to be for THE CHILDREN, being watched on HULU. I wanted to have it posted today, but I've been watching for damned near the whole day, and somehow I still am not done. I've got about another 25 minutes of scene description and any commentary before I'm finished with it.

I don't know why this took so long to work my way through, except I'm always surprised about how long it takes to type out everything scene by scene. I go through the same thing when I'm doing a Buffy episode, and those are only 42-45 minutes long.

Anyway, expect it sometime this week, depending on when I get back to the computer to wrap it up. I'm also going to get started on the BTVS: S8 arc "Time of Your Life" sometime this week/weekend before focusing on Buffy Season 1 to get through the last three episodes.

The next one in that series of reviews will be for Nightmares. Once I'm done with Prophecy Girl, I'm going to post a poll for Season 1 in review.

In the meantime, I'm sure that Sunday Polls have been posted, so I'll be taking a look and answering those in a separate post sometime overnight.  ( EDIT: Huh. Actually, I see no Sunday polls for Buffy/Angel to take.... )

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