November 28th, 2020

horror classics 50

Movie Reviewed: Horror Express


Horror Express a.k.a. Pánico en el Transiberiano

Starring: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto De Mendoza, Silvia Tortosa
DIR: Eugenio Martín

Blurb [edited - the back of the box is really wordy]: In the early 1900s, anthropologist Alexander Saxton unearths in China what he believes to be the scientific find of the new century: the centuries-old frozen body of a gigantic ape-like man, a veritable "missing link". Booking a ticket on the train back to Europe with his crated-up, but still very healthy discovery, he joins an international group of passengers on a nightmarish adventure aboard the HORROR EXPRESS.

Sc01: We start with an extensive black screen and the sound of a train whistle, before we finally get some relief in the form of a headlight from that train illuminating our cast.

Also joining us is a whistled theme. [You should just resign to loving it, because you're going to hear it A LOT.] The train light comes and goes, and gets bright in our eyes and withdraws as the cast names keep coming. Just when you think it's done, we get the entire crew credits!

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Movie Reviewed: Horror Express (continued)


Sc36: While our scientists are making their amazing discovery of the creature's memories being contained in an eye of a host, a hairy ape-man hand is checking out Vanessa's smooth brain.

Next it pulls the sheet off of the ape-man's body, only to discover the amazing glaring eye missing from the face. A human hand fingers the eyelid over the empty socket.

Commentary: Our next stupid thing. Yes, Mirov was possessed by the thing that had been in the ape-man. So -- somehow -- it transforms only one of the inspector's hands into an ape-man's?! Uhhhh. What?!
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