July 3rd, 2020

walking dead

TWD Reviewed: Season 2, Episode 10


The Walking Dead
S2, Ep 10

"18 Miles Out"

Writers: Scott M. Gimple & Glen Mazzara
DIR: Ernest Dickerson

Blurb: Rick and Shane argue over what to do with Randall. Back at the farm, Lori, Andrea and Maggie deal with a suicidal Beth.

Sc01: We open on a deserted scene, where in the past somebody had been holed up. It may be a schoolyard, or parking lot. There are emergency vehicles, but now everything is quiet.

We suddenly jump-cut to walkers bursting out through glass, and Shane rushing just ahead of them as they try to catch up to him. He's stumbly and looks like he's been in a fight, already.

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