February 28th, 2020

Freighter Watch

Just an opinion post, because why not?


First, for those that are reading for Buffy reviews: I do have Boom!Buffy #12 and Hellmouth number 5 on tap, but I'm having a problem with my Epson Scanner/Printer ET-2720 telling me there is a communications error, even though all the system's tests also say it is working normally. It's more than a bit fukkin' irritating. I don't want to post reviews without caps, but I may need to until the bullshit ends [I'm hoping a reboot of the PC and re-entering the stupid printer/network settings will resolve, but I'm afraid it won't].

I'm also working on "White Zombie", which I've been wanting to see for awhile.

This month, through until March, has been hectic and... irregular due to work, so I apologize for my telling you all that I was more committed to semi-regular posting, just to end up not semi-regular posting. Honestly, I tried -- but as per usual when it comes to my life - the most basic fukkin' tasks end up being not as easy and straightforward as it seems - something is always screwing up just to vex me. It has been this way my whole life... but I'm whining now. I'm not in a hurricane/tornado zone and I'm not threatened by an authoritarian regime or rebel soldiers' intent on torturing me so I should shut the fuck up.

The point is that I'm not just ignoring that I'm supposed to be posting reviews. It's more that life/fate finds a way to vex me over the most simplist of things... constantly. [I hate my life! And I feel guilty about hating my life, because I recognize that this is First World Problems, and it could be so, so much worse if I was born in other areas of this world.]

So, I am planning on posting soon for Boom!Buffy, even if I can't include screen caps because my WiFi printer wants to fight me to the death... and I think I may be the one that dies.


YouTube roundup... updated. In a lazy way....



I went to update update my YouTube favorites, when I figured out that I could totally not go through ever single one and instead just link you to the listing.

Really, why did it take so long to figure this out. It's entirely frustrating when vids I love enough to favorite are either removed entirely suddenly, or suddenly moved behind a privacy wall. But this is the current list in my personal favorites.

Especially when the numbers keep changing as somehow, vids get moved to private. It's really frustrating.

But, as a special mention, I guess, I want to direct those who are adults and not at work to click this hilarious link, but definitely porn-esque link:

How this ended up on youtube and not immediately stricken is an interesting question.

Feel free to comment or not on what you love or don't.

Or, just ignore this post.

The only one not listed is this one: Wes being a long lost Winchester Brother, because it's a multipart, and you need to check it out IN ORDER.