July 12th, 2019


Boom!Angel reviewed: S1, I1


Boom!Angel, Season 1, Issue 01

Writer: Bryan E. Hill, Artwork: Gleb Melnikov & Gabriel Cassata, Lettering: Ed Dukeshire, Cover: Kaiti Infante

Blurb Commentary: I'm not going to type out the blurbs, as I did with DH and IDW, but on this particular issue, there is an interesting line, "Angel, one of the only vampires in the world with a soul...".

Huh. We know that this isn't Spike... okay, we don't know that, but it seems highly unlikely to be Spike so this may be a hint that Dracula has been imported to the Boom!Buffyverse. It'd be fascinating if Dru and Spike split, and she ends up being a paramour of the Count. Especially the less comedic version of Dracula, more in keeping with his novel counterpart.

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