March 30th, 2019

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Best of/Worst of... Angel & Faith character moments



Welcome back again to another series of entries in my "Best of/Worst of Character Moments" series. Our first entry to uh, be entered, is for the confusing Angel comic series. So...

If you're me,  this is Angel & Faith, Season 2. Also, if you're me this counts as Angel, Season 8.
If you're Dark Horse Comics, and therefore clearly wrong, we're looking at Angel, Season 10.

Today's issue is number 8, whatever season you want to call it.

Blurb: Faith decided to stay in the employ of Deepscan when she found out that her next mission concerned the missing Riley Finn - a guy with whom she has a past. Now, Faith and a team of Slayers search the South American jungle for Riley, his wife, and a missing tycoon, Walt Zane. In London’s Magic Town, Angel does his best to aid the people transformed by the magical virus he helped cause - currently he’s occupied with a request from an old [not]Wiccan [not]friend, Amy Madison.

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Best of/Worst of Buffy Character Moments


Hello all,

Welcome back to our examinations of the BTVS characters in light of their triumphs and failures. We're examining our heroes to hand them KUDOS for a job well done, or DEMERITS for disappointing behavior and actions.

Today's subject is Season 10, Issue 09:

Our focus characters are:

Buffy, fighting the Soul Glutton.

Spike, doing the same at her side.

Willow, trying to find Andrew and stop him from doing whatever he's trying to do with his resurrection shenanigans.

Andrew, poor, guilt-racked Andrew continually trying to make up for his past with Warren in the most appalling of ways.

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Best of/Worst of Character Moments: Clash of the Titans


Good Morning Afternoon!

Welcome once again to another edition of "Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments".

Today's subject for my appraising eye is "Clash of the Titans"... the original one with Harry Hamlin. Let's take a look at our main characters and see if they're really heroes, or just putzes.

Expect several special 'awards' in this one....

And since I can't really put it in the main categories, I'm giving a SuperSpecial KUDO here to Ray Harryhausen.

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Best of/Worst of Character Moments... King Kong


And welcome once again for my Best of/Worst of Character Moments day. For our next entry in our mini-series of judging our protaganists on when they're heroic and when they're repugnant, I'm casting my eye on the humans of King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World.

Our focus characters this time are:

King Kong (I'm not sure I should include him, so I'm going to): Giant Ape God who gets nabbed from his island home, thrust into a foreign world of noise and bright lights and meets a bad end over it. None of which is his fault.

Carl Denham: A tool. And a movie writer/director/producer/cameraman. But mostly a tool.

Ann Darrow: The leading lady to Carl's egotism, who gets way more horror that one person deserves, unless they're Hitler.

Jack Driscoll: First Officer of the ship that Carl hires. He hates dames on his ship, but warms up to Ann.
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