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10 February 2019 @ 03:19 pm

Grave of the Vampire

Starring: William Smith, Michael Pataki
DIR: John Hayes

Blurb: A vampire rises from the grave and, after coming across a young couple, kills the man and rapes the woman. The woman eventually gives birth to a part-human, part-vampire child that feeds upon her blood that she provides to him.

Years later, the now adult human-vampire hybrid son sets out to track down his vampire father, seeing revenge for the curse he bestowed upon him.

A Note: I had meant to FINALLY review 'Death Warmed Up' which was supposed to be my next movie review forever-ago. So, imagine my extreme annoyance with Mill Creek's usual quality included a sound mix so low, I can't hear a frickin' thing. And, naturally, there are no subtitles. Because, cheaper.

I don't know if it's in the public copyright, but I feel like I've paid for the movie, so I'm less guilty feeling about finding it online. But for right now, we'll enjoy this film.

Leslie is pulled into a nightmare on the evening of her engagement... in a cemetery. Okay.Collapse )

10 February 2019 @ 04:33 pm

Scene 32: Later, Caleb is wandering the stacks at a library some ways away from the local campus (smart!). He's come to hunt down the book that Anita mentioned about his former lives. But as he tells the librarian that he'd like to check out the book to take with him, she informs him she can't let it leave, as it is for reference only.

He informs her of his professor status, and asks to borrow it for a day or two. She's (apparently... his aura-powers seem very hit or miss, and random) taken by him enough to allow bring the book to the desk. And, his apparent affect on her causes her to let down her cascading head of hair. She smiles coquettishly at him, but then, to his surprise, tells him he really does have go go now, as she leads him to the door.
Hmm. A very mixed bag of a film, and especially with James finally meeting his father.Collapse )