October 26th, 2018


Movie Reviewed: Europa Report (1 of 2)


Europa Report

Starring: Sharlto Copley, Michael Nyqvist, Christian Camargo
DIR: Sebastián Cordero

Blurb: An international crew of astronauts travel to Jupiter's moon, Europa on a mission of discovery. A mission that quickly runs into serious problems.

My Blurb: Okay. So... like many, I think, I've gotten really burned out on the "found footage" concept. It's gone from being innovating to being a cheap way to film people in a dark location screaming a lot when they're not busy being the world's most awful people. So, when I started this film with onboard camera footage, I immediately groaned in pain.

But, the film wasn't awful, hence my deciding to include a review...

Scene 01: We start the film with a mission briefing report on screen pointing out the plan behind the manned expedition we're about to follow.
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