May 25th, 2018

penny dreadful

Penny Dreadful Reviewed: S1, E1


Penny Dreadful
Season 1, Episode 1

"Night Work"

DIR: J.A. Bayona
Writer: John Logan

Blurb: In London of 1891, renowned explorer Sir Malcolm Murray and his companion Vanessa Ives are on the track of someone dear to him. Vanessa decides they need a sharpshooter on their team, as their search leads into the hidden supernatural world, existing in the dark warrens of London.

Scene 01: We open with a fight focus on a young girl, apparently sleeping soundly. Next to her lies her mother. The room is obviously horribly cold, as both are fully dressed under their covers. And since we're in Victorian London, I think we can tell straight off that we're with a pair of the city's have-nots.

Mother creeps out of bed. Our mother is up and about, because she has to visit the loo. The toilet sits in front of a darkened set of windows, and from outdoors, the mother hears strange rustling & banging.

Sudden, with a loud growl, the windows bust in and mother is yanked with force and speed out into the night with a single, short scream!

Commentary: Now, that was how to introduce a dark series. And how to do a jump scare. I actually jumped a little, even though obvs this woman was a deader the moment she left her room. *Whew*
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