October 10th, 2017


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Supernatural: Hell House
Writer: Trey Callaway
DIR: Chris Long

Blurb: Get the hell out of Hell House! Sam and Dean defy a homicidal spirit, but their efforts are encumbered by a pair of goofball paranormal investigators who hope ghostbusting gets them girls.

My Blurb: So before we even begin, I’ve finally stopped fighting with my DVD player's refusal to cooperate -- so I’m really frickin’ annoyed at the number of DVDs I have with no player. But I’ve joined the 2000’s, by joining frickin’ Netflicks, so I should start more regularly reviewing - maybe kinda sorta.

I’m just gonna presume that since I just signed onto Netflix, you’re all at the cooler, newer site and I’m ten years out of date, as per usual. I care not… about that part… I’m glaring daggers that I have to sign onto a service at all, though.

But more relevantly, this isn’t one of my favorite episodes. It’s not horrible - ahem, ‘Bugs’ - but I may be slightly more pricky than usual.
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