February 20th, 2017

Buffy s8

Buffy Reviewed: Season 11, Issue 01


BTVS, Season 11, Issue 01

"The Spread of their Evil..."

Script: Christos Gage, Artwork: Rebekah Isaacs, Colors: Dan Jackson, Letters: Richard Starkings & [Comicraft's] Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Steve Morris

Blurb: Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been saving the world from demons and the forces of darkness on a regular basis since she was a teenager. Alongside her vampire boyfriend Spike; her best friends, Wiccan Willow Rosenberg and normal guy Xander Harris; her sister Dawn; and her formerly old but now magically reborn as a thrteen-year-old mentor Giles, Buffy has found nothing they can't face together... But the world hasn't stopped throwing new challengers their way.

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