October 24th, 2016

steve austin

Six Million Dollar Man, reviewed: "Population: Zero"


The Six Million Dollar Man
Population: Zero

Writer: Elroy Schwartz
DIR: Jeannot Szwarc

Blurb (partial - Bionic Wiki): When all 23 residents of the small town of Norris appear to have died simultaneously from an unknown cause, Steve Austin dons a spacesuit and ventures into the town to investigate.

Scene 01: We open simply on a road sign for the city limits of Norris, revealing a very tiny hamlet with an official population of 23.

We skip through Norris, CA to find a doll abandoned on a swing as we hear no sounds but the wind blowing through the dusty town.

In a backyard, we suddenly see a woman who had been hanging laundry. She’s not moving.

A tumbleweed blows by the Norris city limits sign, and we find several more people lying still in the roadway. From the distance we hear the sound of an engine approaching.
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Next Up: Well, whether by DVD or having to watch it from YouTube (which I'd rather not do), next will be that movie review for 'Death Warmed Up'.

walking dead



I honestly don't know if I can keep doing this show. I'm literally sick with the season premiere. This is just.

That was too much. This season feels like it's going to be way too much.