July 31st, 2016


BTVS Reviewed: Season 3's "The Zeppo"


BTVS, S03, E13

The Zeppo

Writer: Dan Vebber
DIR: James Whitmore, Jr.

Blurb: While the gang battles creatures from the Hellmouth, Xander has his own adventure when he encounters a group of reanimated corpses (edited)….

My Blurb: Before y’all begin to read through the episode, you should go in knowing that I didn’t find this episode oh-so-engaging during its first run. The concept is interesting… seeing the A-plot through the eyes of somebody stuck in the B-plot and making what should be the B-plot into the actual focus of the episode. I also like the tweaking of the nose toward the overwrought Bangel, as we see Angel-Buffy through Xander’s eyes. But overall, this was never a fave of mine so YMMV.

In addition, I always feel this episode is out of place for all of the “keep Xander away from the danger!!!11!”. It feels too far into the series for everyone in the gang to suddenly be worried about Xander getting hurt, when next episode everything is as usual again. I think I’d have bought this if it had been at the start of season 02 but it feels like too much water has gone under the bridge for the attitudes displayed towards Xan’s fragility here, what with his facing down Angelous with the gang and all.

But there are far worst episodes I’ve covered [Hello Ms. French & Moloch] and others to come [‘Beer Bad’] that I’ll never the less review, so let’s relax and get to it.

Scene 01: We open with quick flashes of scary monsters in a fog, growls and quick motions to and fro.
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