April 29th, 2016


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments -- Ladrones De Tumbas


Hello, all. Welcome to another edition of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments. Our edition today, alas, drags us back to the 80's and the over abundance of horrible fashion... though at least the clashing patterns and colors of the 70's weren't a thing any longer.

This was the era of the slasher killer, all of whom refused to die no matter what the heroes did, and even if they weren't actually supernaturally powered.

Seriously, how many mass murderers did we see get stabbed, bludgeoned, thrown off cliffs, drowned, electricuted and burned up only for them to arrive at the next sequel whole and hardy with barely a hair out of place?

At least our villain in today's subject has an excuse, since he IS actually supernatural... though he's not lookin' quite as good as when he died.

But this posting is really about our main 'heroic' characters. Except, not. Most of our protagonists will be getting a DEMERIT for a little bit of grave robbing, so calling them the good guys would be really misleading.

I present our judgements on the characters of Ladrones De Tumbas [aka Grave Robbers]. It's kinda hard to not think most of our cast have it comin'.

Our Main Players: Captain (Fernando) Lopez, Olivia Lopez, Rebeca de la Huerta [aka Pop Princess], Armando (Bernal) [aka Leader-Guy], Manolo Andrade [aka Unfortunate Headband], Diana (Rebeca) [aka Dark Ponytail aka Diana Safety Pins Jean Jacket].

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