harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

How Much Did This Cost?!

A Study on Whether Couples Grow More Alike?!

... And, here comes a mini-rant.

Dear Pinheads,

  With the money you've wasted on this "study" you could have fed some hungry people. You could have invested in a clean water project. You could have advanced study on a new cure, a new type of clean energy device, adopted an abused pet, given a few more scholarships or other financial student aid....

  In other words, you could have done something instead of a big fat nothing. You could have just sent me the check so I could have used it to get the plumber out, or the electrician, or the carpenter or the window replacement people. 

  But, you didn't. Instead, you studied whether a couple grows more alike or if they're just similar to begin with. This is why conservatives are bound and determined to cut your grant money at every turn.

  You know what? I almost hate you. Now, I don't want to restore your cut funding. If this is the crap you are wasting money on, then you really don't need it to begin with and there are other people who could actually use it.

  You suck ass.

With nothing but contempt,


Tags: cracked, open letter

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