November 21st, 2015

Fallen Hero

YouTubed: Agents of SHIELD


This is another video, as have been the past few that I've finally favorited, that I keep coming back to. It's about Fitz and Ward, and how one struggles with the knowledge that the other wasn't the man he thought he was. One of the best things the show did for the character of Ward was turn him into a double agent for Hydra, and the finale when he dumped Fitz/Simmons into the ocean was shocking and heartbreaking.

I was sure that he was going to perform a Heel Face Turn and help Fitz and Simmons take back control of The Bus... but No!

Oh, man....

Anyway, this is "9 Crimes" about Ward's betrayal of the friendship that Fitz believed in whole heartedly. And it's so tragic.