September 6th, 2015


Supernatural Wacky Dreaming.


Wacky Dreaming.

I have another genre wacky dream to share with you all this morning, but before we get into the details… what few there are… let’s set the stage a little. This dream was both short and seemingly rather quick, in that “scenes” seemed to flash by as vignettes, rather than as a usual progression from Point A to Point C if you understand.

There were three vignettes, all at the same location. In Vignette A, I was both an observer looking on the dream and a separate character - my usual alter ego during these type of dreams - within the sequence. We’ll just refer to “that me” as Character-Me for clarification. In Vignette B and C, I was only present as an uninvolved viewer of the dream, “Observer-Me”, with that emotional separation, as if watching events unfold in a television show -- although there was no indication of a tv screen between me and what I was observing, just the emotional-distance that comes with not being involved in the action of the dream, if you can get what I'm badly trying to put into words.

Our location was a small cabin in the woods, which was bigger inside than outside. The cabin had a small front yard that gently sloped downward to a small brook winding by… looking all bucolic and painting-like. It was fall, as the entire yard and cabin was covered in light and dark orange and red leaves. But somehow the canopy of the forest was still dense, putting the cabin in permanent light shadow.

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