August 4th, 2015

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Angel & Faith reviewed: Season 02, Issue 16


Angel & Faith
Season 02, Issue 16

"Those Who Can't Teach, Teach Gym" part I

Script: Victor Gischler, Art: Cliff Richards, Colors: Michelle Madsen, Letters: Richard Starkings & (Comicraft's) Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Scott Fischer

Blurb: Called to the States to tackle a demon problem alongside Buffy, Angel asked Fred and Faith to join forces to investigate the real-world repercussions of his troubling nightmares - most recently, one that concerned the death of some students...

My Blurb: I have to admit that at first I didn't get the connection between Angel's nightmares and what Faith and Fred were supposed to be investigating since it was already concluded to be caused by Archaeus. But then, DUH, I remembered that Angel's nightmares were being reflected in actual killings, just like Spike's nightmare was about a couple that was slaughtered in San Fran. Obvs the killer(s) that are in the Archaeus line that Angel was connected to are what our women will need to stop.

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BTVS Reviewed: Season 10, Issue 17


BTVS, Season 10, Issue 17

"Old Demons" part II

Script: Christos Gage, Art: Rebekah Isaacs, Colors: Dan Jackson, Letters: Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt(Comicraft),
Cover: Steve Morris

Blurb: Just as Buffy and the gang were wading through their individual breakups and hookups, a new Big Bad named Archaeus came to light, and he's someone they can't fight alone. So, however awkward it may be - now that Buffy and Spike are officially an item - Buffy's ex, Angel, has been called in to help.

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Next up: Kolchak The Night Stalker, in which we've left the tv movies for the tv series and his next monster (after the vampire and the Hyde-alike) is Jack The Ripper.