July 13th, 2015

angel, faith

Best Of / Worst Of Angel & Faith


Time once again to revisit our comic heroes' past adventures and size up when they made us proud and when we were deeply embarrassed by them. Our subject for today's post is: Angel & Faith, Season 01, Issue 07.

Our focus characters in this issue are: Faith and Angel ... strangely enough.

One little note though, we wander into flashback territory and I've not issued any rewards/demerits for things which we'll see if I ever get around to finishing the tv-Buffyverse reviews. It's for this reason, you won't see anything for Angelus, for instance ... those things will be covered in a different Best/Worst posting.

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Pluto love.


Time's a tickin' down before the close flyby of our estranged used-to-be-a-planet taking place tomorrow. But in the meantime, you can bet there are plenty of photos being processed and posted:

July 11, 2015

Distance: 2.5 million miles (4.0 million km)

It's all so exciting!