July 7th, 2015

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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - BTVS


Hey all.

  While we wait for my less-than-stellar record of racing through my episode reviewage - i.e. for me to finally post the latest review for "Amends", let's pretend that I'm not slacking by spending time with another "Best Of / Worst Of" mini-post!

  'Cause honestly, I'm having fun with 'em.

  Our current subject will be for BTVS, Season 9's Issue 07. Which, uh, yeah... kinda pissed me off a tiny bit. But if you want that drama, you know that's what my review is for.

  This is about focusing on our characters, not our plot. And that leads to our main listing: Buffy [sort of], Spike, and Robert Dowling. I wanted to list Miranda, but she doesn't have enough panels... ditto Spike's Bug Crew who are still cool, if a bit misplaced.
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NASA Love: New Horizons


Hey all!

For those not in the know, I have been a bit geekgasming about the upcoming views of our distant Kuiper Belt-formerly-planet, Pluto for a long while and all of those expectations are finally going to be met or dashed on pointy tips of technology. Either everything will go smoothly or even better than expected or... well, I'll just be heartbroken.

But right now, we have our first blurry images of the mystery that is Pluto.

Now, I'm not gonna lie, 'cause I don't generally do that to my beloved readers --- I was all set to insane-linkages the crap outta this post. But, as it turns out I'm a bit behind the curve [as always... seriously, I'm still using a non-smart flip phone and I have a land line still], and a certain awesome somebody already has the links to follow.

So, go... explore!


NASA Love 2: ET Life?


I'm always very interested in what we're still discovering from our recent missions and the Cassini wonders are still bringing valuable and amazing mysteries to our scientists to unravel.

But I am getting a bit tired of hearing about how life may exist elsewhere in our solar system... it's getting our hopes up when - at least for the moment - there isn't any way to determine the veracity of those hopes. It would be AMAZING to definitively discover even microscopic plant or animal life on another world so (relatively) close to our own. But constantly talking about how possible it is, only to then have it turn out that "no wait, there isn't anything there" would just be such a letdown.

Stop holding out that carrot, please.

Especially since my bitter, cynical heart thinks it may be a desperate attempt to influence public opinion to force Congress to give up more money, rather than a very real possibility of discovering anything. Which is pointless, as Congress has more than proven that they're much to obstinate right now to be moved by something like "the public"... at least those who aren't holding the mega-campaign-contributions in reserve waiting on hearing what they want to hear from the spineless leaches.

[I did mention my heart is cynical and bitter, right?]