April 24th, 2015


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Cult of the Cobra


Today’s posting subject, dearest readers, is “Cult of the Cobra”, a subject I’ve been avoiding forever for the “Best Of / Worst Of” series. The reason? I remembered spending most of the actual review unable to keep our damned GI Joes straight because they were all so generic [outside Paul and Tom]. I was afraid that it was going to take me forever and a lot of concentration to figure out who deserves a kudo/demerit for what, when I had so much trouble keeping their character names in mind.

Turns out though, my worry was overblown. I mean, they cause the deaths of dozens of innocent worshippers just going about their rituals. It’ll be hard to find anything more heinous deserving a demerit beyond the group one they’ll all be getting, right? So, I actually made more out of it than I needed to and am really glad to have this one done and posted. Yay, me!

Although I do have to say I was extremely annoyed with myself while researching for this post. I found an absolutely appalling amount of typos, asides not being marked correctly, missing words in sentences…. I have no idea where my head was at while I was working on this review, but the condition I originally posted it in is embarrassing.
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