March 28th, 2015

spn brothers

Youtube addition.


Hey gang.

  I've been gone all week due to ice in the channel, so that is why I haven't gotten the latest review done yet. But truth to tell, I got back on Thursday and still haven't gotten it finished  --  it's just a, uh, not good movie.

  Life in general is still sucking hard as if the universe itself wants me to be miserable and lose everything - possibly including my sanity. So let's just not talk about it.

  This post is, as the title implies, to post a linkage to my newest favorited video. This one is a Faith(BTVS)/Dean(SPN) crossover vid and the composer did a nice job of fitting Faith into the Winchester's show, including some clever use of image manipulation... just check out Faith in the backseat of the Impala. So, the video is at THIS LINK.

  And for all of the YouTube Roundup selections, you can VISIT HERE.

Until later!
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