January 7th, 2015


Wacky Dreaming: Some more Spike and Dru


Hey. Good Morning.

  As implied by the post header, I’ve a dream to share with you as it relates to my TV obsessions/reviews. This time was once again revolving around Spike and Drusilla. Huh… just like last time. And like last time, Spike and Drusilla weren’t actually in the same scene again. But it gets even stranger this time… I have to divide the Spike portion into two subjects. The first scene from a “this is live and happening” pov, while we then end up transitioning into a 3rd person, "this is on screen and I'm watching it" pov.

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Answer for question 4184.

What's something you're capable of doing yourself, but will gladly pay someone else to do instead? Why?
The yard work.

I loathe it... I mean, LOATHE cutting the grass or weeding or any of it. I pay to have it done, even though I'm fully capable of doing it myself with some effort.